Smart Device for Continuous Monitoring of Heart Sounds to Allow Early Detection and Intervention of Heart Abnormalities

The Smart Stethoscope (S3) combines both Stethoscope and ECG capability while compacted into a small wearable for the user.  ECG essentially provides the timing information to accurately determine the heart sounds (S1, S2 and S3/S4 if any).  As such, the heart sound measurements can be done at any single location on the chest (as opposed to multiple specific locations as what medical practitioner usually does). S3 can be used at home without any special training or medical knowledge.

S3 is designed to be worn by the user/patient to allow continuous monitoring of abnormal heart sound signals even though the occurrence is non-regular or sporadic.

S3 improves the outcome of pre-diagnosis by highlighting to the patient’s doctor of any event or early clues of heart disease. The collected heart sound and ECG data will be piped and stored in the cloud for data analysis using machine learning.  This is useful as it can perform pre-diagnosis classification of patients’ heart condition whether it is low risk, medium risk or high risk. 

Design of S3 is about the size of the normal stethoscope, easy to use and cost-effective so it can be deployed at home or anywhere convenient for the patients or user.

Features of S3 are as follows:

- Diaphragm-less based stethoscope design

- Dry sensors for ECG sensing to improve quality of ECG signals

- Touch sensor based on the skin resistance

-  Algorithm able to determine heart sounds S1 and S2, independent of device acquisition position on the chest


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