Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Proposal Submission

How do I participate in this Innovation Challenge?

Step 1
Signup for an account at and register to attend the briefing session on the 14 November 2018 at

Step 2
Read the Challenge Statements for Aztech at and those for Singtel at
Decide on the Challenge Statement that you would like to work on and start drafting your Project Proposals!

Step 3
Submit your Project Proposals at the respective Challenge Statement pages by clicking on the "Apply" Button

Proposal Submission closes on 31 Dec 2018, 23:59hrs.

Who can participate in this Innovation Challenge?

Local Start-ups, SMEs, Tertiary students from local IHLs above 18 years old can participate in this innovation challenge.

Are multiple submissions allowed?

Participants are allowed to submit more than one proposal. However, each entry must be submitted online separately.

Will I lose the rights of my invention when I participate?

Inventors are advised to protect their Intellectual Property (IPs) before entering the IoT Innovation Challenge. Please inform the organiser if you are in the process of IP filing so that we will take note when announcing the final results to the public.

We are students from a tertiary institution and our project has received funding from our school. Are we still eligible to participate?

Funding from tertiary institutions are allowed, on the condition that the students are still enrolled in the school.

We are a team of final year tertiary students. Are we allowed to concurrently work on this as our final year project?

Yes, you can enter the proposal to be used in your Final Year Projects in this competition. Participants will be required to incorporate a company in order to receive the ESG's funding.

Can I participate under my own company?

Yes, you can. However, local start-ups will have to fulfil the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Minimum 30% shares of the Company owned by Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents.
  • Less than 5 years of operations
  • Annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million
  • Group employment of below 200 employees

Competition Rules

Can we receive external sponsorship?

Yes, you can source for external sponsorship for software/firmware/hardware components, or more funding to build your prototypes. Please note that IP rights should be retained by the team.

Can we enter the same solution into other competitions?

You will not be allowed to enter the same solution into other competitions.

During the design phase, will we be allowed to deviate from our project proposal?

Teams are allowed to refine their solutions. However, the key objective of the solution and the problem that the proposal aims to solve should not change.

Prototyping and Testing

Where can we conduct prototype testbedding?

Our corporate partners will facilitate testbedding. Details will be announced at a later date on the innovation challenge portal.

Can we receive external technical assistance?

Yes, participants can make use of other technical resources, e.g. electronic assembly and fabrication services, in building the minimum viable product (MVP). However, entries must be participants' own original proposals; any form of plagiarism will be rejected.


Who is eligible to receive funding/grant?

Eligibility for receiving the prize money

  1. Be a business entity that is registered and operating in Singapore; and
  2. Have a minimum of 30% of ordinary shares held directly or indirectly by Singaporean(s) / Singapore PR(s)
  3. Group annual sales turnover of $100 million or less, or group employment of up to 200 employees

Judging Matters

How will the solutions be judged?

Judging of the proposals submitted and during prototype demonstration will be based on creativity, originality, market potential, presentation, prototype status and demonstration.

Who are the judges?

The judging panel comprises representatives from ESG, IPI, NYP, and our corporate sponsors.

Internet of Things Platform

Which IoT platforms, chipsets, and sensors can we use?

Participants are free to choose from the various IoT platforms, chipsets and sensors available from the market.

Will there be test SIM cards available if I intend to design with NB-IoT?

Singtel can provide time bound SIM cards to participants chosen to go into prototyping phase

Will devices such as Servers, Gateways, Computers and Smartphones be provided?

Devices or gateways will not be provided. Participants will have to prepare their own.

Administrative Matters

Will transport be provided for participants to the test bedding site or judging venue?

Transportation will not be provided for participants for these purposes.