Smart and Compact Security Camera System

Problem Statement

Many existing commercial/industrial security solutions make use of expensive and complex security camera systems. Design and develop a cost effective IoT-based add-on system that enhances the capability of various existing legacy sensors such as motion detectors, so that they can be integrated to provide a secured and affordable smart commercial/industrial security service that can be standalone, or used in tandem with camera systems. Alternatively, design and develop a cost effective IoT-based complete security system that is based on multiple sensor inputs, and can be deployed in a commercial/industrial setting.

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UWB Radar

Impulse UWB technology is traditionally used as long range UWB radar, primarily for military applications.

This technology offering is short range and high resolution radar using frequency range and emission power which is certified for commercial use.     

Crowd Density Monitoring System

This is a platform in the cloud where crowd monitoring projects can be setup and configured. Camera integrated Raspberry Pi units are used as the built-in camera can be configured through a web portal to take photos periodically.

Automatic Detection of Aggression in Crowds

Using our powerful video analytics algorithm on CCTV footage, aggression in crowds and large spaces can automatically be detected with high accuracy. Alerts are automatically generated as soon as aggression is detected, allowing for a direct response to prevent the situation from escalating.


As compared to today’s conventional lenses, which are rotationally symmetrical and have inflexible design constraints, DynaOptic’s lenses are rotationally asymmetrical and possess more design flexibility.

Computer vision platform to solve real problems directly on compute-constrained embedded devices.

Pilot AI is a drop-in neural network solution for computer vision applications.


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