Multiple Wireless Protocols IoT Sensor for Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Problem Statement

Most exisiting positioning tracking devices/tags support only a single wireless protocol such as Bluetooth, WiFi or UWB. As there is no standardisation on positioning technology to be used indoor, a positioning device supporting only a single wireless protocol failed to function at location where the beacons supporting the wireless protocol is not available or the signals are too weak to be useful.

It is therefore desired to design and develop a sensor device to connect, track and monitor mobility assets and personnel with high level of accuracy for both indoor and outdoor environments. The sensor device should be network-agnostic, and is interoperable with various different network protocols, e.g., cellular, WiFi, BLE, etc. It should be able to automatically switch between the various protocols based on the network with the strongest signal strength as it transits through different environments.

Additional Info

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High Accuracy Global Navigation Satellite System

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), a generic term for satellite navigation systems that provide autonomous geo-spatial positioning with global coverage. This positioning system supports multiple global and regional GNSS navigation satellite systems for improved precision in positioning (a

Asset Tracking Using Beacons

This project has implemented a platform for the user to setup a tracking project. The user can register beacons, and assign them to either equipment or locations through the web portal. An Android app is developed for users who are working in the same area.


As compared to today’s conventional lenses, which are rotationally symmetrical and have inflexible design constraints, DynaOptic’s lenses are rotationally asymmetrical and possess more design flexibility.

Computer vision platform to solve real problems directly on compute-constrained embedded devices.

Pilot AI is a drop-in neural network solution for computer vision applications.

UWB-IR Collaborative Positioning of Un-manned Platforms

Infrastructure-less localisation is critical for many indoor/outdoor applications such as UAV/UGV formation, autonomous cooperation and control in tracking firefighters, where the operational environment is GNSS challenged, e.g. in a forested area or indoor area like an airport.


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