IoT Solution to Enhance Shoppers Experience

Problem Statement

Design and develop platform solutions that will revolutionize the way consumers shop, using IoT and data analytics to better understand consumer behaviour, and to provide a holistic digital shopping experience. The solution should also enable retailers to plan the amount of inventory to hold, and signal when to replenish their inventory.

Additional Info

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We have curated information and resources which might be useful for you to prepare your proposal. Use of the resources provided does not offer you any advantage in the challenge and you are free to use any other technologies that you deemed more suitable or better than what's provided here.

UWB Radar

Impulse UWB technology is traditionally used as long range UWB radar, primarily for military applications.

This technology offering is short range and high resolution radar using frequency range and emission power which is certified for commercial use.     

Real Time Location System

The indoor location system is being developed employing various RF technologies, like Wifi, BLE, and iBeacon.

Crowd Density Monitoring System

This is a platform in the cloud where crowd monitoring projects can be setup and configured. Camera integrated Raspberry Pi units are used as the built-in camera can be configured through a web portal to take photos periodically.

Computer vision platform to solve real problems directly on compute-constrained embedded devices.

Pilot AI is a drop-in neural network solution for computer vision applications.

Image credit: Au-Zone DeepView ML Toolkit and RunTime Inference Engine

DeepView is a graphical Toolkit and hardware accelerated Run-Time inference engine specifically developed to help embedded engineers design, train and deploy Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) on embedded platforms.


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